Knudson Electric Violins are hand built, custom electric violins.  Made to order by luthier Lyle Knudson.  Weighing just under 1.5 pounds available in a rainbow of vibrant colors.

Knudson Electric Violins are built one at a time, by hand, to order.  This may take a bit longer, but you can be assured that every detail of your violin has been seen to by the maker and every detail is perfect.

Keeping the familiarity of a traditional violin, Knudson Electric Violins are designed to play and feel like an acoustic violin, but with a modern look and sound.


Lightweight, chambered basswood body for resonance with beautiful, carved, figured maple tops

Traditional neck and scroll for a classic look

Traditional ebony fittings for a familiar feel

Can be used with nearly any chinrest and shoulder rest

Weighs just 1.5 lbs

Comes standard with Barcus Berry integrated piezo bridge pickup

Set up with Wittner Ultra Light tailpiece with built-in fine tuners and Wittner Ultra Light chinrest\

A rainbow of vibrant finishes

Knudson Electrics fit in any traditional 4/4 violin case

4 and 5 string options