Knudson Electric Violins are hand built, custom electric violins.  Made to order by luthier Lyle Knudson.  Weighing just under 1.5 pounds available in a rainbow of vibrant colors.

For over 25 years Lyle Knudson has been building, repairing and restoring violin and guitar family instruments in the Twin Cities area.  As a full time employee of House Of Note Violin Shop for over 20 years, he has set-up, maintained, repaired and restored thousands of instruments from Suzukis to Stradivaris and has come to know what makes an instrument feel and sound great.  With that knowledge, he has designed his electric violins to be lightweight - weighing just 1.5 lbs, comfortable and balanced. 

Using his father's woodshop, Lyle built his first electric guitar while still in high school.  He continued his education in luthiery at Minnesota State College Southeast Technical in Red Wing, MN.  After being hired at House Of Note in 1995, he combined his love of guitar building with his knowledge of violins in 2001 to create his own unique electric violin design.